Watering lance and spray gun buying guide

Watering lance and spray gun buying guide
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Julie, Interior Designer, Manchester

Julie, Interior Designer, Manchester

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Lance or spray gun? Adjustable or telescopic? Multijet system, intensive, conventional or high pressure? Usage vegetable or horticultural? Whether the fitting is made of brass or plastic, it must be adapted to your use! For leak-free watering, pipes and fittings must be carefully selected!

Important features

  • Jet
  • Material
  • Connection

How to successfully install and choose a lance or pistol?

To install your watering system, you first need to be interested in the watering connection. It allows you to attach to the water outlet tap your garden hose to which you connect a quick coupling in case of a mobile connection.
Attention, make sure the right size of step to choose your nose tap! You can choose between 15 x 21 mm; 20 x 27 mm and 26 x 34 mm, ie 1/2; 3/4 and 1 "(inches) The most common are 15 x 21 mm (inside diameter 16.1 mm) and 20 x 27 mm (inside diameter 21.7 mm).
Then you need to install an adapter on your garden hose. This adapter also installs on the other end of the hose to fix your watering lance there, it responds to the name of quick coupling. To choose it, you must concentrate on the diameter of the pipe, 15 or 19 mm. This conventional system connects with a slight pressure in the direction of the valve nose and disconnects by lowering the flange.
Your hose connected to the water supply point and equipped with fittings, you can then choose your watering accessory. There are many:
  • Single sprinkler, jet stick or sprayed;
  • The multijet lance , different pressures and forms of jets;
  • The high-pressure lance which, as the name implies, concentrates a high pressure jet;
  • The traditional spray gun with watering through several nozzles.

All of these equipment can benefit from options like trigger locking to control the water outlet. Dedicated materials are most often made of plastic, brass or lacquered steel, of varying quality and finish depending on the price.
Some spray guns are said to be soap because it has a reserve (in the form of a container) allowing to add a cleaning product. Convenient to clean the garden furniture!
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What fitting to use to connect his watering lance?

The fitting is an indispensable part of your watering system because all guns and lances have a male connector for quick coupling.
A few high-pressure lances have a fluted nozzle for their connection. It is then sufficient to connect the garden hose to the fitting and to immobilize it with a clamp type clamp serflex - which is preferred in stainless steel.

Quick coupling

The quick coupling is present throughout the installation, from the valve nose to the lance. It allows for the connection on the branches, nurses, sprinklers and can benefit from the option Aqua stop which allows it to be disconnected from an accessory without the water flowing - the connection has a valve Anti-flow.
As the quick connection is standard, the only selection criterion for its compatibility with your installation is the diameter of the hose even if more and more fittings are declined to be mounted on pipes of 15 and 19 mm. Quick connectors are made of different materials, made of plastic, brass, chromed steel or stainless steel; They are sometimes designed in bi-material (plastics and metals).
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Spray gun, water lance and high pressure lance

Spray gun

It is the best friend of gardeners but also landscapes budding! It allows to vary the flow and the pressure of the water to adapt to the use - in a gentle and delicate way on the flowers or the young shoots where it passes in fogging mode. You can opt for a stronger flow in order to water large areas, trees or plants. Guns with up to 10 different jets are available. It has on its handle a trigger allowing a better comfort of use . Some guns may have tanks to allow the diffusion of additive products (cleaning).

Watering lance

It is used both for watering masses and for cleaning. It is versatile as it offers a multijet system - often reduced to the stick or sprayed jet . It allows the telescopic option to reach inaccessible places without difficulty! Just like the gun system, it is possible to control its water flow and pressure and its handle system is comfortable.

High pressure lance

It is an accessory that makes it possible to compensate the use of a high pressure cleaner. You can connect it directly to the hose and benefit from a high pressure jet ideal for cleaning the exteriors and the car. The high-pressure lance lance has a water-stop system that avoids running to the tap to stop the flow. Its handle is generally 60 to 80 cm long, thus reaching hard-to-reach places - such as the interior of the wings of cars. Be aware that there are also high pressure lances with tanks to allow the diffusion of additive products.
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High-pressure lance

More Information

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Guide written by:

Julie, Interior Designer, Manchester 22 guides écrits

Julie, Interior Designer, Manchester
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