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Modern bathrooms: building for success

Guide written by:
Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

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A modern bathroom conjurs images of flowery glass tiles and faded pine furniture but also of sleekly cut furniture, directional spots, strip lights and bathroom sinks. We'll cover all the things that make a modern bathroom the perfect mix between aesthetics and functionality, all the while making sure it stays within your budget. 

Important features

  • Aesthetics
  • Wall covering: plain tile or wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Wall decoration

Aesthetic guidelines: smooth doors, streamline or rounded appliances

To design a modern bathroom, one has to think in terms of the opposite of every generation of bathroom before it. We'll focus first on the use of sleek closet facades. The trendy thing to do is to remove the handles, a way of reducing the amount of protruding elements that can be found on your bathroom furniture. For a sleeky, smooth finish, it's always better to use doors with an integrated openng slot, for example.

The best way to go: choose  wall-mounted furniture or free-standing models with modern feet (brushed aluminum for example) to give your bathroom a spacious and airy look. 

For the sink, there are two possibilities:

  • A wall-mounted, rectangular sink (angles are representative of modernity).

As you can see, the main concept behind any modern bathroom is change!

Modern bathroom wall claddings

Tiles, soild and creative at the same time

Decoration a modern bathroom implies forgetting about traditionally styled tiling patterns of diamonds and flowers. Staying within the modern theme can be quite straightforward. You simply use for large slabs of rectangular tiles, disposed of either vertically or horizontally. Both the shower or sink are zones where you can unleash your creativity by adding a mosaic line or arranging some brightly colored tiles on the wall.

When it comes to the tile's pattern, it's becoming more and more popular to combine different dimensions, especially in the shower, where no inspiration is too small. The shower can be decorated with a vertical band or a staggered two-color. The pattern is in no way minimized and is generally positioned around chest height or directly vertically.

Don't be afraid to use aged wallpaper

To add a touch of traditional loft or countr-style decor, feel free to add a fake brick or stone wall to really accentuate the modern bathroom look. The best configuration is to apply it on the same wall that plays host to the bathroom sink and  its accessories

Choosing the floor of a modern bathroom

To obtain a beautiful floor fit for a modern bathroom, you have several options.

If you are searching for functionality at a reasonable price, think linoleum. It's as easy as measuring, cutting and laying down! Anthracite floors can also add a nice touch, as can square or rectangular PVC tiles, which can be glued anywhere to bring a note of elegance to your bathroom's decor.  

For larger budgets, light oak hardwood floors will result in a very trendy, romantic-countryside atmosphere.

A modern bathroom can be equipped with a floor composed of  very large square or rectangular tiles.

Top earners in this domain include:

  • Natural stone slabs with natural roughness;
  • Smooth matt tiles;
  • Brushed tiles (with optional inlay of gloss material).

Bathroom floor mats should also be carefully chosen according to their style (simple, with topstitch trim, fringes or lace). They are laid down, generally in pairs, in front of the sink and for stepping out of the bathtub, so it's best to go with absorbing cotton fibers or the all vegetal slats of bamboo, that so efficiently keep your feet dry.

Focus on wall decorations

While it may have only been a functional room in past decades, modern bathrooms are nowadays embellished by some purely decorative accessories. Feel free to add the following items:
  • shelf  (or several) to hold a candle holder, a small statue, or several candles;
  • A framed pattern or quote (treated against moisture).

What about modern bathroom lighting 

Be they recessed spotlights or strip lightslighting can make or break the bathroom from the future! Mono or multi-directionalspotlights can be installed in several zones in order to optimize the lighting.

A lit mirror? A bit of light therapy above a spa bath? A LED ribbon under a sleek shelf? That's all it takes to combine decor and functionality. If wall lights are more your style, try to find a square model with aluminum colors to really contrast with red or black walls

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Guide written by:

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds 80 guides écrits

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

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