How to choose  your inspection trolley?

How to choose your inspection trolley?

Michael, Professional and passionate welder, Sheffield

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Michael, Professional and passionate welder, Sheffield

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An inspection trolley is convenient for oil changes and general car maintenance. Featuring wheels, a light, an ergonomic shape inspection trolleys are often foldable and easy to clean. They are a basic requirement of most garages and are just simply the best option for mechanics to work comfortably and safely under a car.    

Important features

  • Entry-lvel inspection trolleys
  • Medium tier inspection trolleys
  • Industrial inspection trolleys
  • Safety
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Inspection trolleys: an essential tool for automobile maintenance


In the absence of a car lift or an inspection pit, mechanics and vehicle enthusiast have to find another way to slip under the vehicles to inspect parts, change the oil or carry out repairs. At first a bit of cardboard or a rug thrown hastily under the car seems to be enough, but after a few days of back pain, you may think twice about investing in an inspection trolley. For good reason, as this ergonomically optimized tools is designed to provide mechanics with an easy and comfortable way to work a car, truck or agricultural vehicle.

In order to provide increased comfort for the user, even at ground level, an inspection trolley can  be equipped with several features:

  • 4 or 6 wheels;
  • Can rotate 360°;
  •  An ergonomic bench that is shaped tol adapt to the body's forms;
  • A liftable headrest (optional).

Since it will most likely be exposed to oils and other liquids, inspection trolleys are composed of synthetic materials such as rigid plastics orresins. These materials have the advantage of being light and easy to clean.

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Inspection trolley

Inspection trolley characteristics and qualities


Entry-level inspection trolley

The most basic inspection trolleys are rigid and lightweight and generally feature a headrest and six steerable wheels. They are ideal for the occasional maintenance task such as oil changes and checking the chassis. They are not meant for long-term use.


Medium tier inspection trolley

These slightly higher expensive models are equipped with tool trays to avoid running back and forth to to the toolbox or tool trolley. The head rest isadjustable, with several positions and some models even feature an led light to help you work in dark corners. The frame may or may not be composed of metal, synonymous with increased strength.


Industrial inspection trolley

This foldable "2 in 1" inspection trolley is sturdy and comfortable. Everything on it has been conceived in one goal, tp optimize the user's comfort all the while offering a long service life. The wheels are made of polyethylene-coated polypropylene and the bench is made of PVC and high density foam, which makes it very easy to clean. It is adjustable at 3 points, allowing it to transform into a stool that is perfect for any long project that invovles sitting.

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Tool trolley

Working safely under a car


A more ergonomic inspection trolley

Some trolley manufacturers have shown a tendency to prioritize safety by offering reinforced trolley frames. When mechanics are laying down under a car, their shoulders will bear the brunt of the work. With that in mind, any inspection trolley model that makes it a bit easier is a definite advantage.


Make sure the work zone is visible

It's important to keep in mind that when a mechanic is working under a vehicle, they are not always visible, so it is crucial that the work zone be delimited with barrier tapetraffic cones or safety barriers.

Lifting vehicles in a safe way


No matter if you use a a roller jack or a floor jack, never get under the car without securing the raised vehicle by positioning it on a quality axle ratchet jack.

Lifting made easy


Every vehicle has specific points designed to better handle the stress of being lifted. It is therefore strongly recommended to use those points in particular to hook up a block, jack and axle ratchet. If only one side of the vehicle is raised, do not forget to place blocks on both wheels that are making contact with the ground.

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Axle ratchet jack

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Guide written by:

Michael, Professional and passionate welder, Sheffield, 70 guides

Michael, Professional and passionate welder, Sheffield

I was trained as a pipe worker and a pipe-welder and after having traveled for 35 years working around the UK, I became the head a metal shop and then a designer and in the end the head engineer. I have designed and built a workshop where I make metal sculptures: I managed to find a piece of paradise where I can to let my imagination run wild. Auctions and garage sales are no secret to me. I find unusual objects and old tools there that I collect or transform into works of art. I also like decoration, painting on canvas, and gardening. I am developing new technologies concerning tools. To share my passion and humbly advise you in your choice of materials is a real pleasure.

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