How to choose your fairy lights?

How to choose your fairy lights?

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

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Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

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Fairy lights are an essential ingredient of Christmas decoration. Classic, retro, quirky shapes, plain white or coloured - there are many types to choose from. Read on for our top tips on choosing indoor and outdoor fairy lights.

Important features

  • LED or bulb
  • Fixed or flashing
  • Music box
  • Colour
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Outdoor fairy lights

Your choice of fairy lights for the front of your house, your balcony or garden is all about the look you want to create. Various types of outdoor lights can be had:

  • tube lights
  • conventional bulbs or LEDs
  • light curtains

LED fairy lights come in strings up to 40m long, with hundreds of bulbs, to go right round your house. They have several plus points:

  • variety of shapes (stars, icicles, balls, etc.)
  • more durable than classic bulbs (with a filament)
  • easier to install

Outdoor fairy lights should be designed to withstand cold temperatures and moisture - check before you buy that the product offers this feature. You can use them on shutters, window frames and doors and even regular trees or Christmas trees in your garden to spice up your exterior for the festive season.

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Fairy lights

Indoor fairy lights: classic vs. innovative

Again, your choice of indoor lights - to decorate your tree, for instance -will depend largely on your personal taste.

You can get indoor fairy lights with mini LED bulbs for decorating trees, nativity scenes, fireplaces and walls. You can also get sparkling lights for your Christmas tree or general decoration in themed Christmas shapes like icicles and stars. Alternatively, feel free to go a bit retro with large coloured bulbs and crafty paper or fabric baubles.

One decor suggestion: wrap a string of fairy lights around a large glass vase filled with festive baubles and decorated branches (glittery or spray painted).

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Festive baubles

Simple or sophisticated?

It's a good idea to have a look at all the various extras that are available; for example, some fairy lights come with an integrated music box. Depending on the level of sophistication, you may find:

  • flash speed and pattern settings
  • different colours
  • music box
  • fixed or adjustable lights

Be aware that the range of settings and options will have in impact on the price.

Safety considerations when choosing fairy lights

It's essential that any lighting product you buy conforms to certain safety standards.

Check that the product is suitable for the use you're intending (i.e. indoor versus outdoor use).

Before putting them up, it's good practice to check the wires and bulbs to ensure everything is in order.

Important: if you need to change a bulb (conventional or LED), it should go without saying that the power supply must be cut off first. Check that the replacement has the appropriate power rating to avoid short circuits.

And now you're free to go crazy end enjoy preparing your house for Christmas!

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Guide written by:

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds, 89 guides

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

With a handyman-father, I grew up with the soft sound of the sander and hammer on weekends. I am both manual and cerebral (yes, it is possible.), I learned the basics of DIY and the customization of furniture because I was passionate. The salvage mentality is a true way of life that allowed me to know how to use all the tools and products needed to give something a second life, from sander to varnish. I have two favorite activities: the transformation of old furniture and decoration tips. I am always ready to lend a helping hand to revamp a table or to restore a mirror that was intended for the trash that will become a friend’s centerpiece. I’m convinced that it’s possible to reinvent an interior by small, regular modifications, I constantly research low-cost, test ideas.

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