How to choose your  decorative rug?

How to choose your decorative rug?

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

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Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

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Whether it's a cotton bathroom mat, a zen bamboo rug for accentuating the feng shui, a modern gray polyester rug or a retro-style leather rug, choosing the right rug is not only a matter of taste. It should also take into consideration the required maintenance, color, shape, size, intended use and specific room of the house. 

Important features

  • Carpeting for stairs
  • Decorative rug
  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Style
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Characteristics of rugs

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<div style=>Le tapis d’escalier joue essentiellement <strong>un rôle décoratif en embellissant l’escalier</strong> et en rehaussant la décoration de la maison. Offrant divers avantages, ce tapis<strong> optimise également la sécurité </strong>grâce à sa <strong>surface antidérapante</strong> et permet d’amortir efficacement les chutes. Par ailleurs, ce type de tapis réduit le bruit, surtout dans le cas d’un escalier en bois, et limite la sensation de froid, assurant ainsi un certain <strong>confort sous les pieds</strong>.<br /><br /><br /></div>
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Stair treads

Stair treads primarily play a decorative role by embellishing any staircase, all the while enhancing the home's overall decor. Offering a variety of advantages, this type of rug also increases safety thanks to its anti-slip surface. In case of falls, it can also effectively absorb the impact. In addition, stair dreads muffles noise, especially in the case of wooden staircases, and avoids any chilly, cold floors, thus ensuring a warm comfortable feel under your feet.

Decorative rugs

These rugs can be installed in any room of the house, be it the living room, hallway, bedrooms or office. Available in different shapes, different rugs have wildly different features, and can be either sober or bright colors.

Rug materials


Natural materials: cotton, leather, bamboo, sisal, rush

Cotton rugs are soft and have increased absorbing properties while leather rugs are classy but requires detailed maintenance. Bamboo is easy to clean and goes perfect with a zen decor.


Synthetic materials: polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, viscose

These materials are easy to maintain, resistant and antistatic. Viscose rugs are not ideal for high traffice areas as they wear down very quickly. On top of all the advantages they present, synthetic materials are actually cheaper than natural materials.



Stair treads

For standard sized staircases, it's relatively easy to find matching treads, as manufacturers generally offer them in widths ranging from 50 to 120 cm. Any custom-made staircase also implies a custom-made carpet. No matter what the size, you should always make sure to leave around 10 cm of uncovered space on the outer sides of the stair tread.

Decorative rugs

Decorative rugs can literally take any dimension, depending on if it's for a hallway or a living room. Either 2 x 3 m, 2 x 2 m, 1.70 x 2.40 m or 1.20 x 1.70 m: rugs are available in a multitude of dimensions to be able to more easily conform to your home's decor.

Dimensions and material of rugs, by room

Dimensions of the carpet in cm

Room of the house

Preferred subject

50 x 80; 45 x 90


150 x 60; 90 x 120


160 x 230; 120 x 170

Living room

Any material


Rug style

To ensure that your rug will perfectly correspond to the rest of the décor, select a model that is adapted to the house's overall style. Red or black, taupe or salmon, striped or Aztec patterns, a variety of styles and colors are available. A rug's shape should also be defined according to the house's interior dimensions, the specific room where it will go and most importantly, your personal tastes!

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Guide written by:

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter, 209 guides

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

Redo a roof with wooden beams? Check.Advise Mister everybody in the DIY shop? Check.Redo the bathroom plumbing? Check.Fit together, build the walls, paint a partition, throw my hammer in a rage thinking that it will fix the problem? Check. The DIY motto ? Learning is better than delegating… well, it's also a question about your wallet! The satisfaction? The beer at the end of the job! What do the best have in common? The influence of Gyro Gearloose, Mac Gyver and Carol Smiley depending on your generation, a good dose of curiosity, a average hand-eye coordination and a taste for risks… and if it doesn't work, try again! Advise you? I'll do my best!

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