Drill Accessories buying guide

Drill Accessories buying guide

Jeremy, construction site supervisor, Cardiff

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Jeremy, construction site supervisor, Cardiff

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Whether it is rotary grinding bits for hard-to-reach areas or polishing wheels and sanding discs, drill accessories can expand the function of drill. Router, pump, drill stop, or even a hose for a drill: our explanations will help you make the right choice.

Important features

  • Angle drill attachment
  • Wire brush and sanding
  • Disc, grinding discs and lathes
  • Pump and pressure washer
  • Mixer
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What are the uses of a drill?

Besides drilling into a wall, a drill can have multiple uses: mixing, grinding, milling, sanding and even pumping.

A drill accessory which comes in 11 or 13 mm is mounted in place of the drill bit with the chuck.

The vast majority of drill accessories are mounted with key chucks and not keyless chucks.

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Drill accessories

What are the drill accessories?

Rotary Grinding bits

Whether you are working on metals, wood or plastics, rotary grinding bits can cut, angle, shape or even plane when you use a grinding bit with your drill. A grinding bit is mounted like a drill bit and can be used to deburr tools. It is important to keep the material your are working on in mind when choosing your grinding bits. In addition, paying attention to the diameter and the length of the grinding bit is also important. There are flat, cylindrical, conical, or sphericalgrinding bits and the function of each depends upon the work to be performed.


If you do not have a grinder but you have to cut, you can use a rotary saw disc with your drill. Like tools and accessories for grinders, you will find discs forcutting, grinding, sanding, polishing etc. In order to be mounted on a drill, a disc must be attached to a mandrel. This mandrel is installed in place of a conventional drill bit. It is imperative that the shank of the mandrel fits the discs selected for your job. Depending on the work to be done, choose the appropriate type of discs for the material that is to be cut, sanded, etc.

Strawberry (Lathe bit)

Lathe bits are used for machining , precisiongrinding , filing , sharpening , or even shaping a tool. They make it possible to carry out precision work on wood or even soft metals. Initially, lathes were tools reserved for industrial use, however, it is now possible use them with a drill for projects that require high quality machining. The ideal way to use a lathe bit and to take full advantage of its precision is to use it with a drill press or a table drill.

Angle drill attachment

The angle drill accessory can get to hard to reach places where the size of drill body will not permit. This bit is often used for jobs requiring fixing screws. The chuck of the drill keeps this accessory in place and turns drill bits, screwdriver bits, or other accessories when the job cannot be approached from head on. Most angle drill accessories are angled at 90 degrees from the original orientation of the drill. There are accessories however where the angle may be adjusted. Most of the angled drill accessories are for fixing screws manually or with a power drill and their compatible parts.

Wire brush, polishing wheel and abrasive disc

There is also a range of disc accessories for drills to do detail and finish work. Depending upon the job, steel wire brushes for stripping and polishing wheels for finishing are fixed to the drill by a chuck and abrasive discs are mounted on the chuck by a mandrel. The finishing capabilities of sanding discs depends upon the grain. Choosing the grain of the disc is the same as choosing the grain of sandpaper.

Drill Power Pump

A drill pump is attached to the chuck and is used just like a water pump. The drill operates just like a paddle wheel and pumps pressurized liquid through an opening to siphon off small quantities of water as well as creating enough water pressure to also use the drill attachment like a pressure washer.

Bell saw and router

The bell saw and router are designed to make large-diameter holes. Depending on their type and quality, bell saws and routers can penetrate tile, concrete, wood, plasterboard, etc. They can be one- piece for a router, or two-piece parts for the bell saw and drill bit.

Shaft extension or drill hose

Just like a pen, the drill shaft extension is for precision work. Connected to the chuck, shaft extenders extend the reach of mandrels, lathes, sanding discs, drill bits, etc. by attaching them to the end of the hose. The extender is lightweight and allows for the drill to be more or less like a precision engraving tool such as a Dremel.


The mixer, or mixing propeller makes it possible to mix paint or any other substance that is liquid enough to be mixed. The mixer is inserted directly into the chuck, measures about 40cm in length, and has a paddle at its end. Even the thickest of solutions may be mixed with a mixer.


Depending on your drill and the work to be done, you may not be able to mount the desired accessory. If this is the case then it is necessary to change the chuck or add an additional chuck . This can happen if you have a drill with a keyless chuck and want to change to a high speed screw-type chuck or vice versa. It is imperative that you ensure that the chuck you choose fits well on your drill. In cases of occasional use, the easiest choice of an additional chuck mounts like a standard drill bit making your drill’s compatibility problem free with an assortment of accessories.

Dust collectors and other drill accessories

Apart from all that we have listed above, you can find a whole range of tools, each designed for a specific job. The list is long but the most common are routers used for furniture ,doors, or shutters; depth stops that are mounted on the drill, suction systems for drilling like dust collectors, and even kits for jigsaws . In addition, there are other accessories, like drill bits, that are useful for drill glass or for drilling tiles.

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Usage tips

For quality work, stay stocked with good accessories and replace items such as blades and sanding discs when worn.

Always wear eye protection by using protective eyewear, use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs, and when appropriate, wear work boots.

A pair of work gloves are always welcome and will effectively protect your hands from splinters and debris of any kind.

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Sanding discs
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Guide written by:

Jeremy, construction site supervisor, Cardiff, 128 guides

Jeremy, construction site supervisor, Cardiff

Electrician by trade, I first worked in industrial estates where I installed, wired and fixed a large number of electrical installations. After this, I managed a team of electricians for this type of work. 10 years or so ago, I turned to building and construction. From the modest family home, to gyms and theatres; I have been able to coordinate, audit and organise all sorts of construction sites. for 4 years now, I am restaoring and bulding an extrension to a bungalow in the heart of the welsh countyside. My experience in manual work and my knowledge means I am proud to be of service. Terraces, interior design, roofing, plumbing, electricty, anything goes! We have, my wife, daughter and I, built almost everything we have from scratch! So to answer all of your questions, and to orientate and advise you on coosing your tools? Easy!

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