Bidet buying guide

Bidet buying guide

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

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Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

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The bidet is a useful and intimate hygiene tool. Installed in the bathroom either on or near the toilet, many models offer an aesthetic blend of design and practicality. A mixer tap gives you control of the water temperature. Enough with the clichés, I love my bidet.

Important features

  • Suspended
  • Practicality
  • Ergonomics
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What are the advantages of a bidet?


Formerly a common addition to any bathroom, the bidet has lately fallen out of use.

And yet:

  • The bidet offers users unparalleled hygiene.
  • It makes feet washing very easy.
  • Some models attach directly to your toilet, while others are a basin in their own right.
  • The bidet uses less water than toilet paper production. It’s eco-friendly.
  • Install a bidet and join the hygiene revolution.
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What are the different types of bidets?


The ergonomics and design of the bidet have evolved in recent years so that you now have a choice between a few basic designs.

The suspended bidet

The suspended bidet is fixed to the wall via a support frame. In addition to being easier to clean and to use, a suspended bidet offers a clean design and modern aesthetic.

The traditional bidet

Traditional bidets are fixed to the floor similarly to a toilet. They often feature a more classic character and have the added advantage of being much easier to install and far more resilient than the suspended models.

The bidet toilet

The newest development in bidet design is the bidet toilet which can be installed on an existing toilet basin and draws water from the toilet's reservoir. These models offer a wide range of advantages, not least of which is the amount it saves you in both space and cost.

What do I need to install my bidet?


A bidet only requires the hot and cold water taps for installation.The type of bidet you install will likely be determined by the space and design of your bathroom. If, however, you are renovating your bathroom the choice of shape, colour, and size are simply a matter of taste.

While a bidet may seem like an obsolete choice, it is actually a far more eco-friendly option. Toilet paper manufacturing uses a great deal of water. So, if you are environmentally minded, you should give a bidet some serious consideration.

Unless you want to install more involved options, such as a Thai shower, installing a bidet or attaching one to your toilet is the solution.

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Guide written by:

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter, 220 guides

Sebastian, self-taught DIY-er, Exeter

Redo a roof with wooden beams? Check.Advise Mister everybody in the DIY shop? Check.Redo the bathroom plumbing? Check.Fit together, build the walls, paint a partition, throw my hammer in a rage thinking that it will fix the problem? Check. The DIY motto ? Learning is better than delegating… well, it's also a question about your wallet! The satisfaction? The beer at the end of the job! What do the best have in common? The influence of Gyro Gearloose, Mac Gyver and Carol Smiley depending on your generation, a good dose of curiosity, a average hand-eye coordination and a taste for risks… and if it doesn't work, try again! Advise you? I'll do my best!

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