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Bathrooms: styles and trends

Guide written by:
Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

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Are you looking for your bathroom's next style? Whether it's a classic retro style, modern, outlandishly designed or 100% relaxation, zen, Feng shu... the style is up to you, since it concerns your well-being. The best solution is to bring both decor and functionality to your bathroom make-over.

Important features

  • Decoration and colors
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bath or shower

Zen bathroom: relaxation with an Asian twist

Going Zen goes hand and hand with well-being, and has become quite a trend in bathroom decorating in recent years. Combining comfort and personal time, this style of bathroom will cater to your every desires. Here are some essential elements of a Zen-inspired bathroom:
  • A bamboo ladder to hang towels (or a colorfully designed radiator);
  • A spacious  shower, like an Italian shower with a stone walls and floor;

To complete the decor, do not hesitate to add bamboo branches in a large glass vase, a Buddha figurine, candlelight or a mini Japanese garden.

The extra touch: the origami motif can be added on the fixtures, bathroom accessories  (soap and toothbrush holder or basket for beauty products) or linens.

Scandinavian bathroom

A Scandinavian bathroom is characterized by a clean-cut style but it is just as elaborate as the zen model. This design concept associates light wood with soft colors. To follow the model, the first step is to go for a mixture of materials such as wood, MDF, plastic or even the animal fur look (although faux is always better).

To replace the bath mat, you can push the envelop by using faux fur to keep your feet warm when you get out of the tub.

A pine or pastel colored tripod stool (yellow, blue, pink or pearl gray) is also a great addition.

When it comes to pulling off a style with the bathroom furniture, you can play around with geometry and wall-hung pieces. If you have room, why not hang a wall of cupboards in rows to store bath towels, cosmetics and the contents of your pharmacy?

Here's a good decorating trick: use the same color paint as the main motif for the inside and around cabinets so they match the wall color and accessories.  

Modern bathroom: an ageless decor

A modern, sleek bathroom design is often defined by sharp lines, minimalist decor and shapes that are either very rounded or completely straight.

For example, you can place a rounded bathtub in center of room, along with an XXL mirror and a wall-hung double sink. The porcelain back-to-the-wall toilet is often replaced in an attempt to reduce any bulky elements in favor of open space. Only one or two accessories are used. A good example is a stylish bench or a stainless steel easel, both of which will emphasize the modern bathroom motif even more.  

Going for an ultra-luxurious look? You can always install an Italian shower with a mosaic motif on the walls and floor, taking care to vary between matt and glossy tiles. The addtion of a trim or the realization of a pattern in the shower will add yet another touch of style.

Regarding the materials to select for a contemporary decoration , stainless steel, glass, polished concrete, and tiles in large slabs are recommended. Similarly, the exotic wood fits very well into a luxurious contemporary bathroom.

This design trend perfect combines style and well-being: you can even enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy with a high tech, high end LED shower head.

The family-style bathroom: somewhere between nostalgia and purification

Who doesn't remember a specific, bathroom of yesteryear,  the one you visited one day at a friend or distant "country" aunt's house?

For this traditional and tidy decor, there are different elements that might just be the key to success:
  • A porcelain sink;
  • Old-fashioned golden taps;
  • Plain color tones of beige and burgundy;
  • Accessories such as jars for cotton, soaps, bath balls;
  • For an extra special touch, terracotta  floor tiles warmed by thick cotton carpets
  • A wrought iron chair with a straw seat.
Looking for one last tip to put the finishing touch of your home-style family bathroom decor? 

Think individual baskets with a gingham bow, a metal soap dish, or a chest of drawers with a marble counter top, itself topped with a wrought iron mirror.

Modern, Zen, family-style, Scandinavian... What style of bathroom will you go for?

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Guide written by:

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds 80 guides écrits

Pauline, Self-taught handyman, Leeds

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